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All you need to know about Sexual Fantasies

Almost everyone knows sexual fantasies. They are the key to good sex – and reveal much about our childhood. But in some cases sexual fantasies have nothing to do with sex.  You can contact tube mature fuck for more information.

A little danger increases the desire. She wants him at once and greedily falls upon him without words, without annoying, time-consuming banter and courtship. Where it happens is not important. It can happen in the supermarket, on the beach, in the office, on the hood, at a party, on the plane or in the hospital room. The kick is to get caught in public places and focus only on the essentials. He and she come straight to the point and want only one thing: uninhibited sex, no matter how and where.

Sexual desire and eroticism arise in the head, because the brain is the most important sexual organ. There it decides what excites us. Everything that is perceived can turn on. In highly erotic ideas, the body forms the body’s own substance phenyl ethylamine, which creates a desire for sex. A study by the Society for Social Science Research (Gewis) states that men and women have relatively different fantasies. Men often rave about sex with several women, and women prefer to exchange caresses.

Unrealized Wishes

Sexual fantasies can improve and supplement sex, the main thing being that they are colorful and dangerous. It is a characteristic of modern society that sexual fantasy consumption is becoming increasingly important, which practice cannot keep up.

In real life there is a lack of courage and possibilities.

Apparently, the imagination gives many people the opportunity to escape the limitations of their lives and to try new partners and new activities, which they lack the courage and opportunities in real life. The key to our sexual life lies in our fantasies.

Sexual fantasies allow us to recover from everyday problems and lead to instant physical relaxation as well as emotional relief when anxiety, conflict and depression threaten to overwhelm us. They are also available to us without a doctor’s visit as over-the-counter self-medication and are a kind of further development of children’s games.

Aggressive Inclinations are reduced

Sex fantasies can be dangerous. Now and then it happens that such impulses and aspirations go beyond the usual framework of human aggression and slide into the realm of murderous-pathological. Frequently, sexual fantasies serve as an outlet for a person’s sadistic impulses, and in many cases they can be a warning sign that provides information about their potential danger. In the case of people who are characterized by traumatic experiences, corresponding fantasies can also have a destructive effect on the psyche and relationships.